Game of Thrones

What can I say, that hasn't already been said? Actually, quite a bit. As a writer myself, I know the painstaking work that is put into creating something new, intriguing, etc. How do you hold your audience, keep them captivated, honor your story and your characters, and so much more? Building a brand-new world is … Continue reading Game of Thrones


#365Challenge #Day16 #Believe

You took me by surprise With your big smile And jovial laugh. You took me by surprise With your little anecdotes, Wise words and witty jokes. You took me by surprise When you were there for me and didn’t leave When you said "It’s going to be okay, kiddo!" You took me by surprise When … Continue reading #365Challenge #Day16 #Believe

#365Challenge #Day13 #Friendship

“Lizzie,” Amelia called from the balcony. “Come quickly.” “What is it?” Lizzie called back, running up from inside the farmhouse as quickly as she could. “Look,” Amelia pointed out into the grassy field. Little lights flickered and glowed, disappeared, and quickly came back again. “Fireflies,” Lizzie whispered. “They came.” “Of course, they did, you goose,” … Continue reading #365Challenge #Day13 #Friendship