Hi, Y'all! My name is Ilse, just call me Ilzz (it's easier, trust me!) and I would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of well, my right brain! I love art and I want to share everything I love about it with you. Got a little something for everyone-Check out the embedded links … Continue reading Welcome!


#365Challenge #Day16 #Believe

You took me by surprise With your big smile And jovial laugh. You took me by surprise With your little anecdotes, Wise words and witty jokes. You took me by surprise When you were there for me and didn’t leave When you said "It’s going to be okay, kiddo!" You took me by surprise When … Continue reading #365Challenge #Day16 #Believe

#365Challenge #Day13 #Friendship

“Lizzie,” Amelia called from the balcony. “Come quickly.” “What is it?” Lizzie called back, running up from inside the farmhouse as quickly as she could. “Look,” Amelia pointed out into the grassy field. Little lights flickered and glowed, disappeared, and quickly came back again. “Fireflies,” Lizzie whispered. “They came.” “Of course, they did, you goose,” … Continue reading #365Challenge #Day13 #Friendship

#365Challenge #Day12 #Jump

Lessie walked through the deep underbrush, parting branches along her way. The rain was coming down so thick that she could barely see her hand in front of her face. She had ignored her commanding officer’s orders to stay at the camp and had gone out into the forest where she had swore she saw … Continue reading #365Challenge #Day12 #Jump

#365Challenge #Day11 #Outside

“Where is she?” He asked, running his hands through his hair. He looked distraught and disheveled, like he hadn’t slept in days. Dustin looked up at the man speaking to him, from the table outside the cafe where he sat with baby Emylin in his lap. “Do I know you?” He asked the young man … Continue reading #365Challenge #Day11 #Outside

#365Challenge #Day10 #Inside

Pain encapsulated her body from every angle and she felt like was drowning from the inside out. She knew it would be over soon, or at least, she prayed it would. What choice did she have, but to just wait it out? Lucy opened her eyes and looked around her. The room she sat in … Continue reading #365Challenge #Day10 #Inside

#365Challenge #Day9 #Kindness

Mari lifted her head up from the pillow and squinted her eyes at the clock on her nightstand. The time read four forty-five in the morning. She closed her eyes again, trying to fall back asleep, but the pain she’d been trying to ignore, edged itself into her slumber, pulling her out of the darkness … Continue reading #365Challenge #Day9 #Kindness

#365Challenge #Day8 #Thankful

Jacob put his hand on Teddy’s shoulders. “How are you doing, son?” Teddy couldn’t answer, but just reached up and grasped the hand of the man he called father. Teddy’s wife lay on the hospital bed, tubes attached to her body, machines beeping and whirring all around him. He didn’t even know how it had … Continue reading #365Challenge #Day8 #Thankful

#365Challenge #Day7 #Give

Sara sat on the toilet lid alone in the bathroom tapping her foot impatiently and looking at her watch every five seconds. She knew that she’d drive herself crazy just sitting there, but it was all she could do while she waited. She had lost track of how many times she had been here, how … Continue reading #365Challenge #Day7 #Give