In the end…

I would like to dedicate my first music posting to the late Chester Bennington.

Songs are a beautiful thing. You can lose yourself in them. You can leave your world, your circumstance, and your pain in them. Songs can whisk you away to another dimension of emotions. Music has always helped me get through the painful times. It has helped me reach that emotion that I need to deal with. It helps me confront what I’m going through.

Today, I listened to this song with new ears. And I have to tell you, it chilled me to the bone. I have dealt with depression throughout my life and it is no walk in the park. It is truly the most alone experience one can go through. Even with people around you and those to lean on, it can still feel like you are taking a trip all by yourself. And that trip feels like it’s a never-ending tunnel with no light and no chance of finding a way out.

It is a sad day at the loss of another person to such a dark illness. It’s feelings that I am not unfamiliar with going through. Painful wounds can feel completely unable to heal. The cards one is dealt can truly create a bleak view of one’s own worth and value.

I implore anyone going through depression or suicidal thoughts to reach out! Call out for help! You are not alone! You have a purpose and a future! Even when the road is at its bleakest, there is still a reason to hold on.

Let me tell you, you never truly know what difference you have just made in another person’s life. Chester Bennington helped so many people with his music. I have learned that in these last couple days since his passing as I browse through Twitter and see the outpouring of people who’s lives were touched by the words in his music.

Don’t give up. Hang on. Talk to someone!

In the end, you matter. Don’t stop trying. You are worth it!


Be Strong



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