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#365Challenge #Day13 #Friendship

“Lizzie,” Amelia called from the balcony. “Come quickly.”

“What is it?” Lizzie called back, running up from inside the farmhouse as quickly as she could.

“Look,” Amelia pointed out into the grassy field.

Little lights flickered and glowed, disappeared, and quickly came back again.

“Fireflies,” Lizzie whispered. “They came.”

“Of course, they did, you goose,” Amelia teased her best friend. “They come every year.”

Lizzie smiled as Amelia took her hand and they ran downstairs and outside to the field. The evening was warm and perfect. Like every summer since she was six years old, Lizzie had come to visit Amelia for two and half months. That was twelve years ago. They were almost eighteen now, and Lizzie was moving again, her family had been moving all her life due to her father being an Army man. She had just gotten called by him that afternoon. After this summer, Lizzie was heading off to Boston with her family. But for now, this summer, this summer was for Amelia and Lizzie. And now, the fireflies were making one last glorious appearance.

“Where are you all going this time?”


“Wow, that’s far,” Amelia replied. It would be halfway across the country and Amelia hoped Lizzie would still be able to come back to visit.

“I’ll still come back for the summers, don’t worry,” Lizzie assured Amelia, saying what she knew her friend was thinking.

“You better, or I’m going to come drag you out here to Montana myself.” Amelia said with a playful shove to Lizzie’s arm.

Lizzie and Amelia lay on the grass and looked up at the night sky, stargazing at the constellations twinkling above them. They laughed as they tried to point out the different ones out, and then giggled as they started making up their own pictures in the sky. Lizzie laughed and sat up, tucking her legs up to her chin, she looked across the field, the sun having completely disappeared beyond the horizon.

“Whatcha thinking about?” Amelia asked her.

Lizzie grinned. “The play next week, let’s add one more sequence to the end.” Lizzie suggested, getting up and twirling through the tall grass, sweeping her arms around, the world lighting up as fireflies flew about her and mimicked her pathway. “We’ll call it ‘The Dance of the Fireflies.’”

Amelia got up and followed her friend through the grass, “What did you have in mind?”

For the next two hours, with only the light of the fireflies, they choreographed the last scene to the play they were in. Along with coming to visit every summer, Lizzie would join up with Amelia’s dance company and they would put on an end of the summer production at the outdoor theater in the park. This year they were doing a dance interpretation of Peter Pan. When they finished dancing and choreographing, happy with the ideas they had come up with, they went back to the quiet farmhouse, everyone else having long ago gone to sleep.

“You get the popcorn, I’ll get the DVDs,” Amelia whispered to Lizzie, giggling and shushing each other as they came through the backdoor.

Lizzie nodded happily and went to the kitchen to get two bags of microwave popcorn and a giant bowl from the kitchen cabinet. Amelia bounced back in a few minutes later with a stack of DVDs in her hands.

“How many movies are you planning on watching?” Lizzie asked with an amused grin.

“It’s not about quantity, but quality. Actually, they are all amazing, but mainly I brought choices, my dear friend, choices,” Amelia replied.

“With that many choices, we’ll be here till the cows come home making a decision. You know us and our decision making skills are not quite on pointe.” Lizzie teased, with an extended pointe of her toes towards Amelia.

“Yes, I do, but that’s not the pointe,” Amelia clapped back with a pretend huff twirl, turning back to the stack on the table in front of her. “Now, if you could just focus, at the top of this list we have the classic, Pride and Prejudice, the 1995 version, which is obviously the best version.”

Lizzie smiled, “Truth.”

“And we also have, Magic of Ordinary Days. Also, one of our faves.”

“Ooh, that’s going to be tough…though the fact that Magic is only two hours and Pride and Prejudice is six, could outweigh our choices. I tell you….that Skeet.” Lizzie said with a dreamy smirk.

“Oh, yes, that Skeet,” Amelia swooned with her. “But when have we ever shied away from a series binge-athon?” She asked.

“Never. You just end up falling asleep on my shoulder,” Lizzie laughing and teasing her best friend as she poured the first bag of popcorn into the bowl.

“Truth, but that’s beside the point. I still hear it in my dreams, so that counts.” Amelia replied, returning to the stack of movies.

“It does, does it?” Lizzie grinned, opening up the second bag and putting it in the microwave. With a few more beeps it was started and she went over to the bowl of hot and fresh popcorn to start seasoning it.

“Parmesan?” She asked Amelia.

“Second shelf on the left.”

“Not there,” Lizzie said after rummaging around for a minute.

“Oops, my bad. On the right.” Amelia said absentmindedly as she flipped through the remaining DVDs.

“Ah-ha, got it.” Lizzie came back to the table with the cheese and some dried rosemary and looked up at Amelia. “Hey you, stop getting lost replaying the whole movie in your head and tell me the rest of our options.”

“Me, why I never…yeah, yeah I was. Okay, so next we have our all time favorite or I should say most watched since childhood, Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea, cause you can’t watch one without the other.”

“No, definitely can’t.”

“And lastly?”

“Lastly, my entire Mickey Rooney collection.”

“Did you plan on watching all of them tonight or just picking one?” Lizzie asked as she went back to grab the second bag of popcorn from the beeping microwave, attempting to open the microwave door quickly and cut off the loud beeping she was sure would wake the house.

“Eenie, meenie, miney, mo?” Amelia said playfully.

Lizzie laughed laughed loudly and quickly clapped her hand over her mouth.

“Shhhh.” Amelia said, with a bossy look as she put her finger in front of her lips. She had a sudden thought and jumped up. . “Oh, we have one more option…” Amelia trailed off with a secretive grin. She dashed off and came running back quickly.

“This,” she said as she handed Lizzie three boxed sets tied together with a bow.

“Amelia!” Lizzie shrieked with excitement. “You got them! Have you seen them yet?”

“Nope, was waiting for you and well, for them to arrive here in the mail, too.”

“Aidan Turner, and Eleanor Tomlinson…. oh my god, I can’t wait!”

“So, you’ve picked them?” Amelia asked with a smirk.

“Uh, yes, obviously!” Lizzie replied with glee.

They both grinned and squealed and then shushed each other as they carried the movies, snacks, and a couple ginger beers down to the family room in the basement.

“At least down here, we won’t wake the dead,” Amelia whispered as they made it to the bottom of the staircase. She went to set up the show on the old CRT tv and grabbed the remotes, joining Lizzie on the couch, where she already had the food set up and lots of blankets piled on the leather couch.

“Ready for it?” Amelia asked her, as she plopped down next to Lizzie and put her giant fluffy pillow in her lap.

“So ready for it,” Lizzie replied, an uncontrollable smile pulling at her cheeks.

“So dang excite!” They said at the same time as the BBC music played before the movie began.

They grabbed each other’s hands and grinned with delight. They stayed there for the next several hours playing episode after episode until they both couldn’t keep their heads up any longer and groggily found spots on the two couches to pass out on.

The next morning, Amelia found Lizzie sitting on the back porch, wrapped in a blanket, holding a cup of tea in her hands. Amelia sat down next to her and looked over at her best friend.

“What if you stayed here?” Amelia finally asked Lizzie.”I’ve been thinking about this all summer, but I know how much your father insists you go with them.”

“With all of my heart I wish I could, my dearest friend. But he does want me to and I want to go to. It won’t be permanent. Only a few years. If only I could split myself to be in two places at once.” Lizzie said, with a sadness in her eyes.

“I know it won’t be, but I’ll miss you, you know.” Amelia said.

“Like wildfire,” Lizzie replied, smoothing the edges of the blanket with her hand.

Amelia looked at Lizzie, “Promise you’ll come back. Don’t stay away too long, Stranger.”

“I promise,” Lizzie said as she put out her pinkie and Amelia took it, laughing as they shook their fingers.

They both looked out at the field, mesmerized by two beautiful butterflies dancing among the grass. They just fluttered and flew wherever the wind took them, though never straying far from each other.

Photo Source: Stijn Dijkstra – Golden Light

Song Inspiration – Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli – Perfect


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